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May 30, 2007


Ellen B.

Love the folder idea. I have problems resisting those lovely food magazines.


I do something similar, only my "5-star" recipes end up on laminated cards. My laminator was a great investment, LOL! I'm like you...always wanting to try something new! A lot of recipes aren't worth making twice, but experimenting sure keeps life from getting boring!


I love trying new recipes. And I love magazines, so I understand your organizing challenge.
Once in a while a group of my friends will get together for a "Guinea Pig" dinner. Everyone prepares an item that they've been meaning to try and the rest of us serve as "guinea pig" and review the new dish. Lots of fun and a little inspiration to try that new recipe.

Jennifer, Snapshot

This is a great idea. Food magazines are one of my downfalls as well. I just have to stop my subscriptions for a while, and then I start them up again. I need to get back in the habit of actually making one or two new recipes a week myself.

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